About Me

IM Yaacov Norowitz began playing chess at 9 years of age. Where he met his friend and current Manager Mikhail Kruglyak. His chess origins started out at a Yeshiva in Elizabeth by being coached by a local Dentist, Dr. Richard Lewis to whom both of us owe a great deal.

Early on Dr. Lewis set Yaacov up with Roman Dzindzichashvili with whom he had 12 lessons at the time.

During his early years Yaacov studied by reading a great deal of books, including magazines and Chess Life among them.

In my early teens Yaacov held a number of events during the summer time for entertainment in the mountains. He started his teaching career in his early 20's and have been teaching for over a decade now.

A lot has happened during those years, but that's for a book.

In the past 7 years IM Yaacov Norowitz decided upon some traveling. To not only enjoy life, but to improve his own style of chess in the Global arena at the same time!

It also allows for some Norm events to be attended by him; Although it's not an easy task at all, since all of the events run through Shabbos, and Kosher food is basically bring your own or starve! But Mikhail takes care of the logistics!

Travel has a price tag, but it was fun and IM Yaacov Norowitz with the help of Patrons & Sponsors might play some more events if funding becomes available to cover our travel expenses.

A message from IM Yaacov Norowitz "Team Dacha"


Hello my fellow Chess Players!


My name is Yaacov Norowitz, it had been said that I am only a blitz specialist... And I understand that since I could not play in the past in any of the norm tournaments until recently.  I did after all spent close to a decade playing blitz and even more time around Washington Square Park!

But my Blitz is only a tip of the Iceberg!

I have recently found a way to go and get my norms and in a short while picked up my IM norms in short order in the Bahamas, World Open and Iceland.

I hope to get my GM Norms in the near future!

I have an unique approach to chess, which I use in my own games and in my lessons for my students.

It's based on understanding about "BUILDING" on colors, light and dark in "HARMONY". 

With pieces and pawns as "BUILDERS" and "BRICKS". We will learn how the pieces and pawns each contribute to the "HARMONY" factor thru all of the stages of the game.

We will review your games and discuss the ideas.
No matter what level or skill everyone needs a Chess Coach.  I am no different or special in that regard. My Chess Play & Style comes from my Chess Coach, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili. 
I am not cheap, but my lessons are well worth it!

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Feel free to ask for a trial lesson today! :)