Did you know that "Harmony" & "Colors" are concepts that you must master in order to fully comprehend chess?

I’ve been teaching chess for over a decade! All of my students benefit from my unique approach!

My methods are great for players of all ages and skill!

My Top Performance on ICC

Still Going Strong! (SGS!)

·    Bullet    2854    (19-Oct-2008)
·    Blitz       3419    (24-Feb-2010)
·    5-min    2797    (12-May-2012)
·    1-min    2764    (20-Dec-2008)
·    3-min    2627    (24-Apr-2012)

Interested in learning a whole new underlying theme to the game of chess? I approach it from the perspective of an ARCHITECT! And a builder to construct a beautiful, impenetrable, summer home (Dacha).

Square colors will take on a new light as we create TOTAL HARMONY with our pieces!

Here’s what some of my ICC students have to say:

“After only 1 lesson with Yaacov, I saw the chessboard in a whole new light!”


“In a very short time, Yaac’s lessons have increased my
5-minute rating 300 points!”


“Yaac’s openings seem offbeat, but the sheer logic and strength behind them confirms the fact that they are ROCK SOLID!”